Make atleast half a film: B Unnikrishnan challenged by Vinayan I Latest Malayalam Movie News

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When it comes with Vinayan,its always controversial and never peaceful.His recent denunciation against AMMA President Innocent in accordance with Innocents candidature in the parliamentary elections had dominated front coloums. In its latest outing Vinayan join hands against FEFKA President and Director B Unnikrishnan. Now the issues between B Unnikrishnan & film exhibitors federation has got a Vinayan entry.
Vinayan challenged Unnikrishnan whether he had the guts to handle at least half a movie against all these odds(the ban imposed over Unnikrishan by the exhibitors federation). Since,as Vinayan claims even at the verge many BANS he had managed to make 5 films in the last six years. B Unnikrishnan through Vinayan's eye have every kind of aid of producers, AMMA,FEFKA and many more.As a grand guy of all these luxuries he should have the valour to build a whole cinema without being stunned by these way old BANS.Its a wide well knowledge that every viewers know that the terms in between these directors were never smooth
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