Nostalgia & Delicacy -1 | Taen Mittai | Then Mittai | Thenunda | Thaen Unda | Recipes.

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തേൻ മിഠായി | തേനുണ്ട | തേന്‍ മിട്ടായി | ‘Then mittai’ or ‘Thaen mittai’ is a sugary candy, normally pink in color with visible sugar crystals outside and thick, juicy sugar syrup filling inside. The outer surface is little hard but soft enough to bite. They look something like an unpolished pink opal stone. No, they resemble a rough pink sapphire. No no, they actually look like a pink quartz pebble.

"Thaen Mittai..This takes back to my childhood days.. Where every evening right after the school ends, I will be running to the near by shops to get this yummy mittai..When I just bite into it, the thaen(honey, actually the sugar syrup) just ooze from the sweet and just drizzle all over my lips. OMG it is such a pleasure. But
nowadays it is really hard to find this, even though if we find it, it never taste the same."



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